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Dear Shoulder Pain Sufferer,

As a Professional Physiotherapist I'll show you the "Fastest and Easiest Way to Relieve Your Shoulder Pain".

And I mean "Fastest".

If you’re tired of the constant pain and stress due to your painful shoulder, I want you to pay close attention because...

“This Is The Most Important Letter You'll
Ever Read About Your Shoulder!”

What if you could finally put an end to your shoulder pain?

Using my easy to follow, proven step-by-step 15 minute a day home exercise program will give you natural shoulder pain relief within the next 7 days.

Wouldn't you love to be rid of your chronic shoulder pain once and for all?

Imagine how your life would be if your shoulder pain was a thing of the past...

I know it sounds hard to believe, but thousands of people are already doing just that…

Thanks to my simple, easy to follow, shoulder pain relief program that I've created for shoulder pain sufferers just like you.

Following what I tell you, you'll be able to use all the proven techniques of this easy to follow exercise program and see them put an end to your shoulder pain for good!

The best part is you can finally say goodbye to pain relief drugs that may have adverse side effects and costly medical bills.

You can finally put a stop to your pain and suffering using a healthy and all natural exercise program!

Do you currently suffer from any of the following shoulder problems?........


Pain - on top and in the front of the shoulder or on the side of the shoulder.

Is the pain worse when trying to do overhead activity (reaching up above the level of the shoulder)?


Weakness - moderate to severe weakness, especially worse with overhead activity.

Do you have a hard time doing things like putting dishes up in the cupboards without your shoulder killing you?


Stiffness - Is your shoulder stiff?

Do you suffer loss of arm movement?

tick Popping - If so when it pops does it hurt really bad?

Are You Unable to sleep on your shoulder - do you have a hard time falling asleep and turning on your painful shoulder?

Does shoulder pain wake you at night?

If so, please watch this important video about how you can quickly ease your shoulder aches and pains....

Imagine 7-14 days from now finally being free from your seemingly endless chronic shoulder pain...

Imagine learning a powerful yet easy to do at home thereaputic exercise routine and being able to actually lift your arm without any pain...

Imagine being able to do all the things you used to be able to do again.Things that used to be so easy and pain-free to enjoy. Things that you thought were lost forever...

Things like playing tennis, throwing a ball, playing your favorite sports again or something precious like picking up your children or grandchildren.

Things that might be a painful ordeal right now due to your chronic shoulder pain can be corrected in short order if you follow my instructions...

Surely you would love to go back to leading a pain-free life. Who wouldn't?

I believe you can experience the life-improving value in the material I'd like to share with you.

You see, I'd like to give you the benefit of all my years of training and all my years of extensive professional experience dealing with people who suffer from Chronic Shoulder Pain.

You can take a very important first step towards eliminating your shoulder pain by obtaining your own copy of my all-natural, easy to follow shoulder pain relief system.

It's one that will change your life and your health in some very real and very exciting ways, and it's called...

"Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free"

This program is packed full of amazing information on shoulder pain.

I will show you a proven step-by-step, easy to do exercise program that will melt away your shoulder pain fast.

will teach you how to AVOID shoulder pain injuries forever using stretching techniques I learned within many years of training and working as a professional therapist.

This easy to follow system will change your life and may enable you to start living a normal pain free life again.

Shoulder Pain Exercise

"Here's What You'll Discover Once You
Use This Proven Exercise Program"


The exact step by step, easy to use, simple exercises that you need to do to relieve to your shoulder pain.

tick The exact reason why you have a shoulder injury to begin with, and how to make sure it never happens again!
tick Some amazing information on how using specific stretching techniques can increase the strength of your shoulder and heal it fast!
tick You'll be privy to all the secrets that Licenced Physiotherapists and Osteopaths know without paying the huge bills typically involved!
tick And So Much More...

Here's How it Works....

  • You'll get a set of Simple to follow instructions and exercise routines....

  • Complete with Step-by-step pictures....

  • I'll show you how to relieve your shoulder pain quickly and easily and....

  • Best of all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with my 100% no hassle, no questions asked, no strings attached guarantee.

shoulder pain exercise

Your program is broken down into simple, easy to follow steps.

Above, you can see just one example of the dozens of exercises designed to quickly relieve your shoulder pain.

No matter how bad your shoulder pain is, these exercises are designed to help you. 

You will also learn about shoulder anatomy, the real causes of your shoulder pain, how learning how to have good posture can prevent your pain, and the important warning signs you must know if you want to remain pain-free..

Your complete recovery is 100% risk free, because you have my Cast-Iron 56 Days, No Questions Money Back Guarantee.

Shoulder Pain is NOT something you have to live with. You'll learn....


7 Simple "Stage One" Exercises  That Will Help Relieve Your Shoulder Pain Within the Next 24 Hours

tick That Shoulder Pain is NOT Something You Have to Live With
tick Fast Methods to Immediately Relieve Your Pain
tick Easy Steps to Feel the Pain Start to Melt Away Within The Next 17 minutes
tick Step-by-Step Instructions That Will Give You The Knowledge You Need To Rehabilitate Your Shoulder Quickly...
tick 6 Warning Signs You Must Know In Order To Avoid Further Injury
tick Quick Practical Tips from a Professional Physical Therapist

Your comprehensive program includes:

  • A proven, easy to follow 44 Page Shoulder Treatment Plan to relieve your shoulder quickly

  • Immediate digital download so your recovery starts right away (literally within a few short minutes)

  • Simple to follow program that anyone can follow

  • 43 Step-by-Step exercises that enable you to end your shoulder at home

  • A custom designed recovery plan that ensures you can get back to living life to the fullest again

  • 86 photographs and diagrams with clear explanations so you can see exactly what to do to fix your shoulder pain once and for all.

Hurry...Get Instant Access Now And Let's Get You On The Road To Lasting Shoulder Pain Relief!

Finally you can reap the benefits of expert professional skills and advice, without having to pay for expensive private consultations and without leaving the comfort of your own home.

  • You will save $$$$ on Expensive Therapy and Doctor's Visits

  • I will help you learn the exact same Secrets a Top Professional Therapist uses to treat patients in his Office

  • Discover the Causes of Your Pain and how to avoid them in the future.

  • You'll be shown exactly how YOU can finally put an end to your pain.

"Now YOU Can Experience Rapid Pain Relief

Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free is guaranteed to get you back on the golf course, tennis court or whatever activity you have been missing out on because of pain and lack of mobility.

And it will stop you wasting money and time on doctor's appointments and physical therapy sessions that only give you temporary relief at best.

The Number 1 Shoulder Pain Treatment in the world is yours, it's all-natural and it's ready for you to benefit from immediately.

You will be thrilled by how quickly you start to see results with this program!

The secret to my treatment can be now be found in my new revolutionary book Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free, which will change the way you view your shoulder pain forever…

Don't Let Shoulder Pain Limit Your Life Any Longer...

  • Would you like to be able to lift your arm above your head without pain?

  • Have you asked your doctor about your shoulder pain and only been given temporary solutions that didn't really help?

  • Is your shoulder pain limiting what you can do and your quality of life?

7 Specialized Levels To Help Speed Your Recovery:

*Level 1

Will get you improving your shoulder mobility. Almost immediately you will see real results and feel LESS PAIN in your daily life.

*Level 2

Gets your shoulder muscles working hard to move the joint again.

*Level 3

Will push you even further in getting full range of movement back.

*Level 4

Works your rotator cuff shoulder muscles to strengthen to support the healing of your shoulder joint.

*Level 5

Shoulder recovery mustn't end there, which is why the Level 5 exercises bring your shoulder back to its full strength.

*Level 6

Advanced stability and strength exercises are geared towards you achieving more advanced activities.

*Level 7

Not everyone needs to reach this level, as they are sports specific. But if you are active in sports, you will learn some real gems for completing your shoulder rehab and getting back in the game!

Would you like feel better and save hundreds of $$$ on expensive medical treatment at the same time?

Stop Letting Shoulder Pain Limit YOU!.....

Have you been told you need shoulder surgery?

Surgery should be your very last option.

Do not miss this opportunity to heal your own shoulder pain.

Do as much as possible before submitting to surgery. Get my program and you may even avoid surgery, and all this for less money than one appointment with a therapist!

Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free contains information you WON'T get at the doctors.

I work with shoulder pain sufferers and successfully treat shoulder pain every single day.

I am going to share my secrets and advice that you won't find in a doctor's office.

You don't need to be a doctor to understand why your shoulder hurts.

But before you can treat your injury, you need to understand it.

Find out how you are unconsciously causing your own shoulder pain and allowing it to worsen EVERY DAY.

Your immediate download is an effective “Shoulder Pain Reliever” that Eliminates the “Guesswork” and guides you “Step-by-Step” through the Healing Process.

As with any exercise program we strongly advise that you seek proper medical advice from your doctor before starting these exercises to ensure that they are suitable for your individual condition.


Shoulder Pain patient

"Tim will help you gain the results needed to conquer your goals and cure your shoulder injuries"

"I was introduced to Tim back in September 2005 at my home training venue at Crystal Palace. I was for the Commonwealth Championships, when 1 week before I was due to leave I injured my arm. It was from this point he had a real challenge ahead...to fix me in 7 days!! After the first visit I instantly felt better and responded quickly to Tim's treatment to feel fully fit heading out to my event.

Leading up to Commonwealth Games 2006 in Melbourne Tim's treatment was a major role in maintaining my physical fitness. He not only takes on board your injuries, he takes on the requirements of your sport to ensure any weaknesses are fazed out to allow you to be at your best, and I definitely benefitted from this. He is totally 100% committed to you no matter how big or small your problems may be, Tim will help you gain the results needed to conquer your goals and cure your shoulder injuries."

Jo Calvino
Top Female Weightlifter

Shoulder Pain patient

"I would strongly recommend Tim and his team to anyone with any injury regardless of whether you compete at an amateur level or world class"

"I had the pleasure of meeting Tim in 2005 when came back from an international in Norway. I was told my season was over due to injury. I met Tim at Crystal Palace National Centre where he said he would like to attempt to fix me because he was confident that he had the relevant expertise.

Being a sceptic and having nothing to lose I went along and saw Tim and, hand on heart, Tim was wonderful and soon after a number of rehab secessions he had me throwing a discus again, and I finished the season 4th in England. I am eternally grateful to Tim. I would strongly recommend Tim and his team to anyone with any injury regardless of whether you compete at an amateur level or world class. I look forward to continuing to work with Tim throughout my athletics career".

Abdul Buhari
International Discus Thrower

shoulder pain patient

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tim to anyone"

"When I was referred to Tim Allardyce I was in constant severe pain from a neck injury to such an extent that I couldn’t imagine life getting back to normal without surgery. Incredibly, just eight sessions later I’m almost completely recovered. It’s like some kind of magic. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tim to anyone."

Greg Cheasman

shoulder pain patient

"Tim’s treated the whole family"

“Tim began treating me in 2004 after the birth of my twins. Since then he’s treated the whole family. The twins saw Tim at each important developmental milestone to ensure that their spines were perfectly aligned to give them the best start in life. My eldest son suffers from Irritable Hip Syndrome and has had great relief following Tim’s treatment. The combination of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy gives great versatility to Tim’s treatment and we are very happy with the care we’ve had!”

Ros Wood

Press Coverage

I'm a professional physiotherapist and regularly contribute advice in the media on Shoulder Pain and Back Care.

I have been widely published in magazines as diverse as Cycling Weekly, Men's Fitness, Health Plus and Maxim.

I've been interviewed by the BBC and have made Shoulder and Back Pain advice videos for the National Health Service.



Shoulder Pain Article

Shoulder Pain interview
Shoulder Pain Article
Shoulder Pain Article
Shoulder Pain Article

Don't Put Up with Your Chronic Shoulder Pain Any Longer.....

Shoulder Pain Exercise
Finally say "Goodbye" To Pain That's Stopping You Enjoying Life To The Full!

Your Risk Free Opportunity to Become Pain Free......

I am Deeply Committed to Helping You Overcome Shoulder Pain Fast........

And The Fastest Way to Overcome Your Shoulder Pain and Give Your Shoulder Long-Term Strength is to Download my 44 Page Book, Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free.........

Risk Free!

Because you have my Cast-Iron 56 Days, No Questions, No Hassle Money Back Guarantee. Frankly if you're not convinced that my book is worth far more than the price you have paid and that it has helped you overcome your pain, I wouldn't want to keep your money.

As with any exercise program we strongly advise that you seek proper medical advice from your doctor before starting these exercises to ensure that they are suitable for your individual condition.


shoulder pain relief guarantee

P.S. You really can get rid of your shoulder pain once and for all! Don't put up with pain any longer. Because my simple, fast shoulder pain relief program really works.

P.P.S. Remember, your decision is backed by my 100% Money Back Guarantee, so download it, read it, try it out for two months and if it doesn't work as described, you'll get a Full Refund with no questions asked. You have nothing to lose, because I'm taking all the risk for you.

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tim allardyce

Tim Allardyce
Professional Physical Therapist
Registered Osteopath

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